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  • Line Tracking Challenge
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. If the robot is seeing Black, what can it tell about its position?
    2. It is over the line
      It is outside the line to the left
      It is outside the line to the right
      It is facing Northward
    3. 2. Suppose the robot is tracking the left edge of the line, and sees Black. Which way should it move?
    4. Forward and to the left, because the left edge is that way
      Forward and to the right, because the left edge is that way
      Straight forward because the line will curve eventually
      Turn left in place, because the left edge is that way
    5. 3. Which basic program pattern is being used in this Line Tracking behavior?
    6. Sequential Movements
      Repeated Decisions

    Mini Challenge

    Mini Challenge: Track Line for Rotations

    Modify the behavior so that it stops line tracking after 4 motor rotations on Motor B

    How did you make your other Repeated Decisions Behaviors stop at a certain point?

    Use the Loop's Mode setting to choose a Sensor that end the loop.

    Set Rotations to 4 and remember to select Motor B

    + hint

    Where can I find the instructions?

      In this challenge, you will program your EV3 robot to grab a cargo crate from the pickup spot, follow the line track and drop the crate off in the drop-off zone.

    Challenge PDF [ lineTrack_challenge.pdf ]