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Topics Covered

  • Autonomous Tractor
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. Why is it important to be able to drive through an orchard?
    2. To perform specialized tasks to different types of crops
      GPS is required while navigating around the orchard
      To perform tasks like inspection and spraying which cannot be done as effectively through other means
      All of the above
    3. 2. What is the advantage of the Autonomous Tractor over a human driver?
    4. Reduces the need for humans to perform the repetitive task of driving through the orchard over and over
      Reduces exposing human to hazard areas while performing inspections
      Autonomous Tractor can travel through an area where a human driver may get lost
      There is no big advantage
    5. 3. In addition to basic turning, what additional, new knowledge will help you complete this challenge?
    6. How a robot moves straight
      How a robot move back and forth
      How a robot turns, and different types of turns
      All of the above