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  • Move Tank Block
  • Types of Turns
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. In the movement you programmed, the left motor was told to move forward at 50% power, and the right motor was told to...
    2. Move forward at 50% power
      Move backwards at 50%
      Stay in place
      Spin freely
    3. 2. What kind of turn did the robot produce with one motor running and one motor stopped?
    4. Goes straight
      Turns in place
      Turns "wide"
      Backs up
    Mini Challenge

    Mini Challenge 1: Dizzy Drill

    Program your robot to run out to an obstacle, go around it, then come back.

    Use a small object as an obstacle, and program your robot to travel around it.
    The robot may start and finish in any postion behind the start line.

    You may use any kind of turn you want to complete this maneuver.

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    Try It!
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    Different Motions

    You can create many different type of motion by combining different motor speeds.
    Try each of the following to see what you get!
    What happens?

    The robot moves straight forward (at 50% power) until the wheels have completed 1 rotation.

    What happens?

    The robot makes a "wide" turn to the left until the moving wheel completes 1 rotation.

    What happens?

    The robot brakes to hold in place. Note that because it has been told to keep doing this "for 1 rotation", it will never complete the action (it's braking, so it can't complete 1 rotation)

    What happens?

    The robot turns in place, spinning to the left until the wheels have completed 1 rotation.

    What happens?

    The robot makes a curved movement, forward and to the right, until its wheels have completed 5 rotations.