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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. Why doesn't this program work for Obstacle Detection?
    2. The program detects an object and stops before moving all four rotations
      The program doesn't run because it's waiting to detect something in order to run
      The Move Steering Block holds up the program, preventing it from checking other sensors in the mean time
      All of the above are valid reasons on why the program doesn't work
    3. 2. Why doesn't this program work for Obstacle Detection?
    4. The Wait Blocks prevents the flow from reaching the end of the loop and checking Rotation Sensors
      The program ends immediately when it detects an object, regardless of the Loop
      The Loop makes the robot go backwards
      The first Move Steering block only goes for one rotation, then ends the program
    5. 3. Instead of using Waiting approach and long movements, the solution you will learn next will involve:
    6. Rapid checking of sensors
      Sensor recombination fork
      A new multiple-sensor Wait Block
      A new type of Loop Block