Getting Started : How to use the Software

Topics Covered

  • Lego MINDSTORM Education EV3 Software
  • Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. Where can robot building instructions be found?
    2. The EV3 set comes pre-assembled in the only supported configuration
      In the EV3's firmware menus
      In the printed manual that came with the EV3 Set
      In the Robot Educator section of the EV3 Education Programming Software
    3. 2. Most project files will contain:
    4. Over 18,000 different programs in 19 different languages
      Other Project files
      A single program, called Program
      Robot files3
    5. 3. Which of the following connection types allows you to download programs onto the robot?
    6. USB cable
      Ethernet cable
      IR connection
      Power cable
    7. 4. On the picture below, click the button that loads the program onto the robot but does not immediately run it.
    8. 5. Which of the following will help you navigate around a large program?
    9. Scroll arrows on the sides of the screen
      Zoom controls in the top-right corner of the window
      Arrow keys on the keyboard
      All of the above
    10. 6. How do you add a comment to your program?
    11. Start typing on the keyboard and a comment will automatically appear
      Click the comment tool to create a comment box, then type in the box to add a comment
      Right-click a box and select Add Comment
      The EV3 software does not suppose adding comments